Our research goals are to:


*Create an internet portal for worldwide Ayurveda research 

*Research and document our local native Canadian herbal plants and substances, through the lens of Ayurveda classification of Rasa, Virya, Vipak & Prabhau

*Research on individual Ayurveda herbs &ncompounds for specific diseases


*Develop & deliver the Multiple Sclerosis & Ayurveda Program 

Ayurveda is for sustainability of life

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to health & can support Canadians towards self-care practices for disease prevention using nature's own principles.


"Ancient Ayurveda is most useful today for individual, family & community health.

It is the best science for disease prevention.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual balance.

Ayurveda's importance today in integrative medicine is unparalleled."

- Jaisri M. Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)