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June 24-26
University of British Columbia & Online

Share Ayurveda Conference Logo

This conference brought Ayurveda to the Canadian public health conversation.


Now that the long-awaited Share Ayurveda Conference has come and gone, here is your summary: 

The conference brought together attendees from Europe, Eastern Canada, Alberta, and various parts of BC, all for either the Professional Forum to meet with Ayurveda colleagues or the weekend Conference event itself for professional development. 


Live-streaming attendees were in the US & Canada. 

All were uplifted to meet and share in-person greetings, strengthening our bonds as committed Ayurvedists. 

The Professional Forum was in-person only with no live streaming. 

Online attendance included the US and Canada.  

The weekend began with the Professional Forum on Friday, June 24 to bring together practitioners, manufacturers, students, and all those interested in co-creating our Ayurveda community in Canada. 

It was a time of commitment to contributing to the quality of support we wish to enjoy and offer through the Ayurveda Association of Canada. 

A wealth of experience, knowledge, sincerity, and depth was revealed through the introductions of each participant, revealing the scope of Ayurveda in Canada today. 


Erica Mueller and Neelam Toprani represented the Ayurveda Association of Canada and described its breadth, needs and invitation to join to co-develop Ayurveda across Canada. 


Volunteers came forward to contribute to the fabric of Ayurveda’s development outside India.

Dr. Vasant D. Lad

After opening prayers, Saturday began with a pre-recorded welcome message from Dr. Vasant Dattatray Lad, a Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Share Ayurveda Conference event. 

Dr. Lad recalled that event and brought well-wishing for this year’s program. 

Watch Dr. Lad's welcome message here:




Mr. Manjish Grover, Consul of India

We also had the great good fortune of meeting Mr. Manjish Grover, representing the Consulate of India. 

Manjish is very favourable to Ayurveda leaving India’s borders and sharing her wealth and wisdom with other nations such as Canada.  

His leadership provided us with insights and channels for furthering Ayurveda’s journey abroad, and we expressed our readiness!

Micheline Wong, P.T.

Saturday’s program continued with a wonderful presentation by Micheline Wong, P.T. on the C.A.R.E. Foundation’s MS & AYURVEDA program. 

Micheline created an excellent PowerPoint presentation for those interested in discovering the benefits of Ayurveda management for self-healing MS and all neuro-muscular conditions. 

Micheline is a passionate Physiotherapist, a steady meditator, and a first-time writer, spreading her wings for Multiple Sclerosis patients who can benefit from the Ayurveda lifestyle. 

Check this link for work completed together on this topic in recent years

Neelam Toprani

Neelam is the founder of the Sewanti Series and Padmashri Nationals. 

She had appeared with two other Ayurveda professional women just before the event on RED-FM Radio, our local Punjabi Station, with journalist Jasmine Kaur. 

Check out this link to her easy-to-follow bilingual interview with professional guest colleagues and distinguished experts, colleagues and speakers: Neelam Toprani, Preeti Syal, and Navjeet Kaur.

Neelam’s presentation on the Health Canada regulations governing Ayurveda is a critical compilation for all those interested in Ayurveda product approval in Canada. 

Please view her PowerPoint presentation below: (click on the arrows to scroll)

Neelam is also a founder and chief volunteer for the Ayurveda Association of Canada. 

For more information and to join the A.A.C., please click here 





Dr. Eduardo Cardona-Sanclemente

Dr. Eduardo presented his Keynote talk on Ayurveda & Cancer, elucidated in such a way that we all understood the dynamic of how many ways abnormal cells can occur and how to manage the consequences from an integrative medicine perspective.  

Such a wealth of information and understanding was a lot to take in and digest. 

Still today, I hear messages of wanting to hear more from Dr. Eduardo and this critical topic of our time. 

Dr. Eduardo combines an emphasis on Western science and integrates his later life experiences of Ayurveda.  

For more information, please check out

He also gave a superlative talk on the topic of Ayurveda & Depression, also the title of his most recently published book, elucidating the doshic alignment of psycho-spiritual symptoms and their logical treatments.  

For instance, Vata psychosis of worries, anxieties, terrors, forgetfulness, doubt, and paralyzing fears must be treated according to Vata-pacifying protocols such as a regular daily schedule especially sleep, Vata-pacifying food program, yoga, pranayama, Vedic counselling, and suitable livelihood. 

To purchase the book, please go to

Glynnis Osher

Saturday afternoon also included a wonderful session with the inimitable Glynnis Osher, our dynamic program M/C. 

Her engaging teaching style and experience came through her experiential presentation of the Five Senses and Five Elements of Creation according to Ayurveda. 

It was an insightful adventure into the return to the basic Pancha Maha Bhutas or Five Great Constructing Elements of the macro and micro creation. 

Glynnis is a born teacher and experiential educator.

Her role as M/C kept us all on a good time track while highlighting the vast range and depth of qualifications and experiences among our presenters and participants!

For more information and to track Glynnis’ wide range of design & marketing talents, as well as her excellent product lines, amazing classes and events, please check out and

Dr. Arun Garg

Dr. Arun Garg’s presentation on the simplicity of a Yogic approach to life revealed proof of how much can be accomplished in life such as his exemplary journey, by staying to the basic foundations of Yoga. 

Simplicity in relationships and marriage, family life as a foundation for professional greatness based on a daily practice of yoga, sound meditation and spiritual priorities. 

In Dr. Garg, we saw a representative of how humility and respect render outstanding, exemplary attainment and citizenship. 

For more information, please click here

Sunday’s program began like Saturdays with the Yoga & Meditation session. 

Our two expert Ayur Yoga teachers,  Jessica Kruse ( and Natasha Jyoti Samson ( both shared their dedication to the craft, deep knowledge and mastery of individualization of Ayur Yoga Therapy.  

Both offer superlative online Ayur Yoga support.

Check out their sites!

Ismat Dhalat-Nathani

Ismat Dhalat-Nathani, D.N.M., spoke on the History and Future of Ayurveda Education in Canada. 

Her discussion of professional licensure for Ayurvedists in Canada is a must-see for all practitioners and newcomers. 

Her power point-presentation was clear, concise, and very well-researched, informing us about the importance of licensure in Canada, which she noted is quite different from the US.

Watch the C.A.R.E. Foundation website for our plans to post this recording for free. 

Watch Jaisri and Ismat's conversation about Ayurveda in Canada here:








Dr. Ramkumar Kutty

Dr. Ramkumar Kutty spoke so eloquently and inimitably on Ayurveda as Future Integrative Medicine from his home base near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 

He had been a keynote speaker in 2018 and provided a Zoom pre-recorded Zoom interview with insights that must be heard, again and again, I feel. 

Watch Dr. Ramkumar's video below. 

For more information about his profound work for Ayurveda and Transformative Community Building, please check out this video from 2018 










Panel Discussion:  Ayurveda as the Future Integrative Medicine

This panel was moderated by Jaisri M. Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA) and featured three excellent presenters:  Preeti Syal from Richmond, BC (, Dr. L. Eduardo Cardona-Sanclemente from Berkeley, CA and Joanne Cooper from Nanaimo, BC, who graciously took the place of Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni.  

Many commentaries and points of view were shared, with the invaluable audience participation of all attendees.  

All voices were heard, and I felt the Conference's purpose of participation was fulfilled!





Silent Auction

Priya Anand was again the volunteer coordinator of this important fundraising feature of the Share Ayurveda Conference 2022, just as she had done for the S.A.C. 2018. 

Over $800 was raised for the Canada Ayurveda Research & Education Foundation, from over a dozen items donated by supporters. 

All items received bids and were sold by the time the Auction closed on Sunday afternoon.  Bravo and sincere thanks to dear Priya Anand! 

We could not have done it without you!

Neelam Toprani Presentation SAC 2022.001.jpeg

Share Ayurveda Conference 2022 Speakers


Eduardo Cardona- Sanclemente

D.Sc., PhD., M.Sc.,

Ayurveda Doctor



Ramkumar Kutty

Ayurveda Physician and Director of Vaidyagrama


Preeti Syal

M.Sc., R.H.N., Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant


Ismat Dhala-Nathani

BNYS, MSc, Doctorate of Natural Medicine (Ayurveda) Founder of C.A.I.S.H.

Manjiri Nandkarni_edited.png

Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni

MD (Ayurveda), R.H.N.,



Neelam Toprani

Founder of Sewanti Ayurvedic Series 

Dr Arun_edited.png

Dr Arun Kumar Garg



Glynnis Osher

C.A.P, Ayurveda Alchemist

Michelene wong_edited.png

Micheline Wong

Registered Physiotherapist, BScPT, MHSc, BSc (Nutritional Sciences) 

Jessica Kruse_edited.png

Jessica Kruse

Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner, Teacher


Natasha Jyoti


Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher

Share Ayurveda Conference 2018 Past Speakers


Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurvedic Physician

Director of

The Ayurvedic Institute


Ramkumar Kutty

Ayurvedic Physician

Director of


Manjiri Nandkarni_edited.png

VD Manjiri Nadkarni

Ayurveda Medical Herbalist

President of 

Ayurveda Association of Canada


Francoise Barrios

Registered Psychologist, Practising Ayurveda in Switzerland & France


Thank you for the Share Ayurveda Conference (2022)!  

You have brought in all the nice speakers and presenters.  

Very good!  It’s good to see everybody together.  

It was an opportunity for everybody to get connected in our field.  I’m grateful to all the volunteers!

SMK Retired Accountant, Yoga & Ayurveda Follower

I had the good fortune to attend the Care Foundation’s Share Ayurveda Conference in 2018, and to hear the wonderful Dr Vasant Lad and the equally wonderful Ram Kumar Kutty speak in person. 

That conference opened up a most important dialogue on the future of Ayurveda in the West. 

The 2022 sequel most certainly progressed that conversation in the most acute and appropriate way, addressing pivotal issues around certification, training, supervision, and access to herbal medicines. 
Four years in, and post pandemic, one understands even more clearly the geo-politics and constraints around access to healthcare and the extent to which Ayurveda has as, an yet unrealized role in alleviating needless suffering.  


April Pierrot MSTAT

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, educator, student and devotee of the Ayurveda path, I was so nourished and inspired by attending and participating in the 2018 Share Ayurveda Conference. 

It is always so important to the deepening of our practice to attend a community event of like-minded souls who understand and enjoy the wisdom and benefits that Ayurveda and Yoga bring to our wellbeing and consciousness. 

For me, it felt like drinking from the well, with such incredible Ayurvedic keynote speakers as Dr. Vasant Lad, and Dr. Ramkumar Kutty amongst other generous wisdom teachers and healers. 

The depth of Ayurvedic knowledge and practical insights coming together in the conference filled me up and brought the Ayurvedic community together to celebrate, learn, share, and connect. 

If you are committed to your healing path in any modality, and especially in Ayurveda and Yoga, I highly recommend joining the next conference, to fill your own cup and pass that light along sincerely to others.
Fragrant Blessings.

Glynnis Osher

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