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Dear Potential Sponsor:

Thank you for your keen interest in our Canadian Ayurveda Research and Education FOUNDATION, (CARE Foundation) created with the intention of offering Ayurveda education and research in Canada.  Our plans include launching four start-up projects leading to increased integration of Ayurveda in Canada.  See:  We’re also planning fundraising to support the  Share Ayurveda Conference, planned for June 24-26, 2022 at the UBC Alumni Centre, following a similar successful event in 2018.

Thanks for your appreciation and contribution to the development of the tried and true healing science of Ayurveda in Canada, and for your commitment to making a truly significant difference for our innovative programs.  Ayurveda is intended for prevention and integration with existing systems.

Your contribution, however modest or substantial, is carefully administered toward your stated goal for growth of Ayurveda  research and education in Canada. Please find the sponsorship page attached to decide on your level of sponsorship.  Your non-profit receipt will be issued.

Your company will be recognized throughout the event and in the media communication, as per your level of sponsorship.

We are humbled by your generosity in becoming a Platinum sponsor, Gold sponsor, Silver sponsor or Bronze sponsor.  We welcome your participation and thank you for making history together, by being a part of our visionary team of donors, to help support making Ayurveda education available in Canada. For further information and to make your pledge, please contact:

Jaisri M. Lambert, Doctor of Ayurveda (NAMA)

Founder,  CARE Foundation, Canada

604 290 8201

Registered Non Profit # 1036421-45

Thank you kindly for your generous sponsorship donation.

Please use PayPal button below. 

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